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Ear ringing is heard as a symptom of a condition called tinnitus where the affected person hears the sound as coming from inside the head. The noise that may be heard is not limited only to a ringing noise. It may also be heard as a humming, whistling, ticking, roaring, hissing or buzzing noise. The manifestation of the symptom may vary from one person to. Some may be lucky to experience only a very mild ear ringing while others would be unfortunate to have a very persistent and loud ear ringing.

Those who may have major problems with their ear ringing can get some help if they try using natural ear ringing relief. Those who have an ear ringing need to be aware that there are certain things which can aggravate the noises that they are hearing and these are the things which they must avoid for them to feel much better despite having a tinnitus.

Because one of the known causes of an ear ringing is Meniere's disease where there is an imbalance of fluids in the ears, salt intake needs to be minimized because too much salt can cause fluid retention and contribute more to the ear ringing. Caffeine, alcohol, cholesterol and nicotine in cigarettes have the same effects to our blood vessels and must also be avoided. It can affect blood flow and a problem in the blood flow in the ears can also aggravate the ringing noise being heard by the person with tinnitus. Regular exercises need to be done to promote proper circulation of blood in the vessels.

The main focus of natural ear ringing relief must be on the reduction of the noise and help prevent further aggravation of the noise. There is also a so called tinnitus masking therapy which may be used to mask or hide the noise. Masking therapy may be availed either commercially by purchasing commercially sold maskers or using some things around you which can produce some background noise and keep the environment from becoming quite. A quiet environment happens to be the biggest enemy of a person with ear ringing because it magnifies the ear ringing making it sound louder than usual.

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